Paul Taylor

Hypnotherapy and Homeopathy in Tunbridge Wells town centre

First of all, I should say that I do not treat babies or young children, though homeopathy has a great reputation in this area and I am happy to give general advice or recommend a practitioner who does.

However, despite not being 21 anymore, I do find that I have a good rapport with children and teenagers (probably due to the fact that in my head I am still 21!) and many of the therapies and techniques I use can be successfully applied to the problems young people face today.

Exam nerves or dental phobia are two that immediately come to mind but we have in recent years seen a rise in depression, anxiety and related issues, whilst bereavement or loss (of any kind), social phobia or even smoking/vaping are all problems that can be helped with hypnotherapy and homeopathy. 

The Symbiodynamics coaching programme can also be applied to good effect to develop assertiveness (particularly useful if the young person is prone to being bullied), reduce stress or increase confidence.

The pièce de résistance of therapy though is analytical therapy as it gets to the root causes of problems and carries it's benefits into the future. The younger person has not developed the scepticism or the layers of resistance and denial that the adult has and this allows the analytical process to be carried out in a simpler manner, in much less time (1 to 3 sessions) and without having to discuss the problem or reveal it's cause. It does, however, require the participation of one (or even both) of the parents/guardians. Since it's inception in the 1970s, The Blowaway Technique has been used to assist in all manner of problems including bed wetting, anxiety, fears, phobias and behavioural problems to name just a few.

As always, a free, no obligation, introductory consultation is offered and I welcome any queries you may have either by text or phone on 07591 172 742 or by email here.

Don't forget that all conditions, no matter how seemingly small, should have first been seen by your doctor.