Paul Taylor

Hypnotherapy and Homeopathy in Tunbridge Wells town centre

Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine that utilises the "Law of similars" whereby symptoms are matched to a remedy containing a minute and highly diluted amount of a substance that would, if given in a large enough dose to a healthy person, produce those very same symptoms. In this way, it is thought, the body's own healing processes are stimulated.

Having been established for over two hundred years, homeopathy is today the second most widely used system of medicine in the world, being particularly popular in mainland Europe and India.

I trained with the British Institute of Homeopathy under the esteemed Dr. Trevor Cook between 2007 and 2012, treating patients in the BIH clinic in Essex from 2011.

I now specialise in using homeopathy in conjunction with psychotherapy for the treatment of neuroses and psychosomatic illness .

As homeopathy treats the person rather than specific illnesses, a homeopathic consultation takes into account the whole person and their symptoms, character traits, emotions, diet, lifestyle and past medical history .

An initial consultation lasts up to 90 minutes, with follow up appointments of around one hour. The number of appointments required are relatively few with the initial consultation being followed by subsequent appointments at monthly intervals or longer. This will of course depend on individual circumstances and any accompanying psychotherapy.

This integrated approach is ideal for situations where multiple hereproblems exist and can aid in recovery from the physical illness which often accompanies psychological conditions.

A free, no obligation introductory consultation is offered after which I would provide you with a treatment plan, so please do get in touch either by text or phone on 07591 172 742 or by email here for further information, I look forward to hearing from you.


You can find out more about homeopathy here


CAM therapies such as homeopathy, should be regarded as complementary to conventional medicine.

All medical conditions should have first been examined by a doctor.

Prescribed medication should not be reduced or discontinued without reference to the original prescriber.

Classical homeopathy aims to treat the individual person and makes no claims regarding specific, named diseases or conditions. I do not discuss or advise on vaccination nor do I offer alternatives to it. Any queries regarding this and any other conventional medìcal protocols should be dealt with by your doctor.